gambarpasarayaaboutus.png 398x252px PASARAYA made its advent as Sarinah Jaya on March 27, 1974 with the objective of becoming Indonesia’s leading department store specialising in traditional arts and crafts. Located on the third floor of Sarinah building on Jl MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Sarinah Jaya soon found its niche and became known for its authentic merchandise sourced from all parts of the vast archipelago.

Not long after the founding of the company, the demand for its goods and services began to grow rapidly. To accomodate the growing business, the store was moved in 1980 to Blok M, a hotspot trading district in the south Jakarta area. Seeing another impassable opportunity in the market, the founder, Abdul Latief made a momentous decision. In 1984 Sarinah Jaya underwent another expansion - the retail area was expanded from 7,000 square meters to 200,000 square meters, making it the largest department store in Indonesia! The new shopping complex underwent several name changes - from Sarinah Jaya to PASARAYA  to PASARAYA Big & Beautiful, and lastly from PASARAYA Grande to PASARAYA The Pride of Indonesia.

This is hardly the end of the journey, though! PASARAYA continues to respond to the new challenges of time and space through constant  innovation & creation. Today, apart from its array of consumer goods, batik and handicrafts, PASARAYA has also added a number of  thematic restaurants & cafes, Pinisi edutainment park for children ,Dapuraya authentic Indonesian foodcourt, Poetre beauty salon & more. It is no longer just a store for traditional handicrafts and batik but a complete shopping and entertainment complex for the entire family!